Why Eurocampers ?



Naturally most of our clients come from Belgium, though The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Portugal and France are very well represented.  
Tourist discovering our country, look up recences and come to Eurocampers for small reparations, like the heating, the frige, television or satelite but also small water problems and ask us to solve their problem.


For sure the brand RAPIDO stands for campers with a level of quality.

Even though that the density of our clients concentrates around the province of Limburg , Antwerpen and the Flemisch part of Brabant , we remark that distance must make place for the quality of services, people don't mind to drive 100 km and like they have spare time they are making a loner trip to find the right services.  People mind about their (motor)home and want the adaptations or adjustments to be made with the best care. 


We are known as problem solvers.  That's our business.  Our knowledge gives us the opportunity to give you even an opposite advice. Let's explain : sometimes it seems cheaper or better to give a solution in a certain way.  What the most important issue is, is to get grip on the total picture and  make a well -overthought decision concerning the way or reparement. 

Second opinion 

It is often the dilemma between alle possible choices, isn't it ?  If you choose one option sometimes another important one is not available in that gamma.  We are prepared to take the time to see together with you what is the most important element and the one you may not loose out of your scope.


As long the intrest rates are low, it can be an interesting way to help you reach the budget you need to buy the motorhome of your dreams.  Ask for information so you can make the right decision.