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Rapido 696F


You can virtually visit  RAPIDO 696F  This motorhome is not in our showroom at this moment.  You can see the 666F 

Model 2024 on Peugeot 140 PK 

Large open living room with face-to-face bench seats and armrests

XXL central bed: 160 x 196 cm

Retractable central bed base

Electrically height-adjustable central bed by 20 cm

Electric double drop-down bed optional extra

Sliding storage drawer on the bed front

Additional storage spaces in the living room bench seats

Folding table

Large 156-litre AES fridge

Large living area door: 540 mm


       - Large private area with front and back doors

       - Thermoformed rectangular basin

You can place your commands for 2024 and you can choose out of the available options for this Rapido 696F, those which will give you a better comfort. 

The basic price you see will be augmented with the options and packs of your choice.  

Please make an appointment to know more about packs and options and to receive an personalised offer.